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Your Opportunity

Take your career to new heights by joining our vibrant team. Seize the opportunity to work alongside and gain insights from the top 20% of real estate professionals in North America. Joining our team means embarking on a path of continuous growth, underpinned by our powerful models, systems, tools, tailored coaching, extensive training, and rigorous accountability measures. Your dedication and drive are the cornerstones of your future achievements. We offer more than just career progression; our benefits package includes revenue sharing, health benefits, opportunities for growth share, vesting options, and avenues for investment.


  • Execute PLACE lead generation systems, mastering lead levers weekly and develop a predictable business
  • Manage your time with our systems and models to ensure work/life balance
  • Increase Conversion from lead to appointments by participating in weekly script practice per team standards
  • Master the conversations of the market
  • Commit to weekly 1:1 coaching sessions, weekly trainings, and Partner Call along side the best in the business
  • Grow your Leadership acumen
  • Master Buyer consultations and Listing presentations, bring value to your clients like never before
  • Be a master negotiator
  • Writing and negotiating offers on behalf of your buyers and sellers
  • Set goals with our proven systems and Track activities with PLACE Technology
  • Be accountable to the actions that will guarantee your success
  • Prospecting and lead generation are your strength zones


  • You are an intrinsically motivated sales professional with a competitive spirit
  • You are a strong communicator and committed to service
  • Licensed real estate professional 3+ years with a proven track record
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Learning based, growth-minded and an action taker
  • Organized or willingness to adapt habits and behaviors and systems that optimize your schedule
  • Humble - are you Willing to learn practice scripts and dialogues to explore opportunities for improvement
  • Willingness to examine your business and identify and adapt new habits that are necessary to ensure growth
  • A demonstration of grit; a desire to lead and a passion to mentor and pour into others


$40,000 - $75,000 USD Yearly

This is a commission based position.

About Our Team

Terri Bias and Associates Powered by PLACE is based on VISION, MISSION, and VALUES! These are key ingredients in building a six figure career in real estate. 2 important factors to embrace:

1. this job isn’t about YOU, it’s about your customers, your community, and the integrity with which you help people make great real estate decisions

2. this job is hard, so when the hard parts show up you need to have a foundation of Vision, Mission, and VALUES to lean on to help you move forward through the challenging times.

Our vision here at PLACE is simple, to deliver the dream of home-ownership everywhere and we’re in this business to realize our mission which is to WIN in business, MAKE money, so that we can GIVE to others, & LIVE experientially.

And lastly, our core VALUES which are GRIT, RESULTS, ONLY LEADERS, WEALTH, TEAMWORK, & HUMILITY – those values are an acronym that spells the word GROWTH - and growth in this industry is essential — if you’re not growing, you’re falling behind!!