Your Golden Ticket: Real Estate Partnership (training, mentorship & benefits)

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Your Opportunity

Are you equipped with expertise in Real Estate and Administrative tasks? If you're a person who sees no ceiling to their potential but feels restrained by past roles, you've just found the ideal opportunity. Maybe you're somewhat satisfied with where you are professionally and financially, yet you possess a deep-seated enthusiasm for real estate. It's this enthusiasm that pulls you towards this extraordinary chance. This position is more than a job—it's a gateway to a unique partnership and a chance to transform not only your own life but also impact others significantly.

My name is Joe, and it's my pleasure to invite you to join our team and company. Our real estate group is distinguished by our innovative approach. We serve a wide array of clients, from first-time homebuyers and experienced property owners to investors and those navigating the complexities of commercial real estate, multi-family dwellings, and undeveloped land. With 21 years of experience, my dedication to achieving outstanding outcomes remains as strong as ever. We've enabled hundreds to realize their aspirations through our extensive support network, which includes daily live training sessions, coaching, mentorship, and rewarding our standout team members with exclusive perks.


We are looking for someone who has completed 10 real estate transactions or more (you will need a real estate license), has insane attention to detail, is proficient with computer skills and is always on their game with customer service. You’ll be directly assisting clients and sales professionals from the top 1% in the nation, to people brand new to the industry. You’ll oversee systems, technology and processes to insure they’re running smoothly. You’ll be predicting what our team/staff needs as well as our clients and making sure they are well cared for and equipped with all the resources they need. You’ll “get your hands dirty” reaching out to clients, meeting clients, helping to stage homes, solve problems, negotiate contracts, coordinate vendors and more. This is a client facing position. You might find yourself in the field or answering the phone or greeting clients while meeting them in the office. Every day will be different. You need to be able to lift 50 pounds and have access to a vehicle large enough to haul signs or staging furniture. You’ll be talking to prospective clients and people who are interested in working for our companies. Before long, you’ll be training, mentoring and leading others. You will help ensure quality control of marketing, staging and written or digital communication. You’ll collaborate with vendors and our business partners. And most importantly you’ll be a part of something that’s making a difference in the lives of people as we, together, help others build wealth through real estate.

This is not a work from home position. You’ll be in office or in the field most days. This is not a static 40 hour a week job and your lunch break time will be fluid depending on the rhythm of service needed to meet our promise to our clients. Real estate ends up being more of a lifestyle.

If you are still reading, we should know each other or if we already know each other, we should be talking about what a future working together could look like.

This is not a dead end, micromanaged position… or just a job to coast at. We need someone who is brilliant, motivated and hungry for growth in all disciplines of our industry. The more the company grows with your help, the bigger the opportunity is for you!

Does this sound like you? Or do you know someone we should know?

If you’re looking to get out of the big corporate grind or are tired of dead-ends or even have felt like you’re all alone on an island; let’s discuss what an extraordinary opportunity and future could look like! Start the process by emailing your resume to Please attach a 3 – 5 minute video telling me why we should give you the Real Estate Golden Ticket.

If you are a self-starter, undeniably trustworthy, willing to learn and grow as a leader and a producer, we hope to talk to you.


Job Qualifications:

·Real Estate Sales Experience

·Real Estate License


·Team player

·Strong written and verbal communication skills

·Learning based, growth-minded


·Knowledge of basic office suite software and calendaring systems

·Excellent time management skills

·Flexible schedule

·Event planning

·Ability to lift 50 lbs

·Ability to haul signs, staging items etc

·Willingness to make calls, door knock, host open houses & meet clients in their home(s)


$35,000 - $147,000 USD Yearly

This is a commission based position.

About Our Team

For The Platz Group, everything we do is aimed at getting results. Each step towards completing a transaction is purposeful. To that end, we are a top-notch, highly skilled team comprised of individuals with differing skill sets whose goal is the same – to equip clients with the knowledge they need to make the most informed choices surrounding the biggest asset they can own – a home.

Partnered with PLACE, The Platz Group, has more than 11x'd its annual sales volume. The Platz Group is recognized in the industry as going above and beyond for its clients. Strategic business planning, a focused training and mentoring strategy, and excellent team dynamics all serve to achieve the best careers possible. If you're ready, to level up, apply today.