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Elevate Your Real Estate Career with Our Expert Guidance!

Are you new to the real estate industry or aiming to elevate your career? Our tailored training programs and dedicated support are crafted to guarantee your success. Through our exclusive 90-day Launch program, you will gain the skills and expertise needed to thrive in the dynamic real estate market.

Join our team and become part of an esteemed community of professionals, learning from the top 20% in North America. Seize the opportunity to pursue your ambition with steadfast dedication and enthusiasm. Alongside a promising career path, we provide benefits including revenue sharing, health benefits, growth share, vested interests, and investment opportunities.

Step into a full-time, commission-based role offering unlimited financial potential and substantial personal growth opportunities. Join us on this transformative journey and redefine your professional future!


  • Graduate from PLACE New Agent Launch
  • Work with sales agent to guide their clients to homes
  • Provide detailed, written feedback to confirm or refine clients’ search criteria
  • Write and negotiate offers on behalf of the sales agent and clients
  • Lead generate a minimum of 10 hours a week
  • Participate in weekly script practice per team standards
  • Participate in team activities per team standards
  • Commit to weekly 1:1 coaching session, weekly trainings and Partner Call
  • Track tasks and activities in PLACE Technology


- Enthusiastic about cultivating meaningful connections and adept at fostering lasting professional bonds.

- Radiate positivity and exude a contagious, joyful demeanor in all interactions.

- Thrive on spending extended periods behind the wheel, leveraging travel time to enhance productivity and efficiency.

- Possess a keen aptitude for discerning clients' desires and effectively aligning them with suitable properties.

- Embrace a continuous learning mindset, eagerly soaking up knowledge to refine real estate expertise and leadership prowess.

- Driven by ambition and backed by a track record of achieving notable successes.

- Hold a high school diploma, showcasing a foundational level of education.

- Hold an active Florida Real Estate License, demonstrating legal eligibility and a commitment to professional standards in the real estate realm.


$50,000 - $70,000 USD Yearly

This is a commission based position.

About Our Team

Welcome to Herndon Group PLACE, where VISION, MISSION, and VALUES are not just words but the cornerstone of a lucrative six-figure career in real estate. Here's why you should join us:

1. It's not about you; it's about the impact you make on your customers, community, and the integrity you bring to every real estate decision.

2. Real estate is challenging, but with our foundation of Vision, Mission, and VALUES, you'll have the resilience to push through and thrive.

Our vision is clear: to make homeownership a reality for everyone. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to excel in business, generate wealth, give back, and embrace life's adventures.

Finally, our core VALUES - GRIT, RESULTS, ONLY LEADERS, WEALTH, TEAMWORK, & HUMILITY - form the acronym GROWTH, because in this industry, continual growth is not just encouraged, it's essential for success. Join us and let's grow together!