Real Estate Showing Assistant

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Embark on a transformative journey with us, empowering individuals to build wealth through real estate. Are you ready to make an impactful difference?

Join the ranks of an elite cadre, where you'll grow and learn among the top echelon of real estate professionals in North America. We are at the forefront of revolutionizing the real estate industry, with success as our guiding principle. Start your path to personal and professional development with us, supported by PLACE, which has recently garnered a monumental $100M investment from Goldman Sachs!

Showing Assistant
It's a rare occasion to hear about Real Estate professionals retiring in comfort and security -- it's time to change the narrative. We aim to elevate our business practices to focus not just on earning, but on sustaining wealth.

Our partnership with PLACE grants access to unparalleled opportunities!

We're eager for an immediate start in this role!
Lack of experience? Don't worry, it's not a barrier, though having some is always beneficial!

Your Opportunity:
Grab the opportunity to work, learn, and rise alongside the top 1% of North American real estate professionals as a Showing Assistant. We provide a definitive path to success, equipped with the essential models, systems, tools, coaching, training, and accountability measures. Your determination and commitment to excel are what we seek. This role not only promises significant career advancement but also includes revenue sharing, health benefits, growth share, vesting, and investment opportunities. Explore the distinctive model and opportunities crafted by PLACE Inc. just for you.

Who Develops You: Team Lead, Director of Sales, or Sales Agent

What You’re Great At:
Your ability to thrive in social environments and your dedication to building and maintaining professional relationships distinguish you. Your inherent desire to assist others, combined with your ambition to progress in the realms of real estate and leadership, truly sets you apart.


What you’ll do: 

  • Complete real estate school
  • Graduate from PLACE New Agent Launch 
  • Work with sales agent to guide their clients to homes
  • Provide detailed, written feedback to confirm or refine clients’ search criteria
  • Write and negotiate offers on behalf of the sales agent and clients
  • Lead generate a minimum of 10 hours a week
  • Participate in daily script practice per team standards
  • Participate in team activities per team standards including 2 all team meetings per week
  • Host 2 open houses per week
  • Commit to weekly 1:1 coaching session, weekly trainings and Partner Call
  • Attend inspections, appraisals, etc
  • Track tasks and activities in PLACE Technology


Skills You Have: 

  • People oriented
  • Positive, happy attitude
  • Basic computer skills
  • Ability to spend a large amount of time driving in their car
  • Ability to analyze clients’ needs and wants and match them to homes
  • Learning based
  • Ambitious with proven ability to succeed
  • High school graduate
  • Have a real estate license or willingness and the ability to get one


$50,000 - $85,000 USD Yearly

About Our Team

Why PLACE Inc.: 
We are focused on providing you with the proven path to increase real estate production, drive profitability and live a big life made possible through wealth building and time mastery. Our home services and technology platforms empower you to build lifelong relationships with consumers from their first real estate purchase through every piece of property they buy in their lifetime. We are focused on helping others manage and grow wealth through real estate, and that includes all of our team members. Regardless of your industry background and experience, our proven models will help catapult your career, elevating you above others in your market.

For The Platz Group, everything we do is aimed at getting results. Each step towards completing a transaction is purposeful. To that end, we are a top-notch, highly skilled team comprised of individuals with differing skill sets whose goal is the same – to equip clients with the knowledge they need to make the most informed choices surrounding the biggest asset they can own – a home.

Partnered with PLACE, The Platz Group, has more than 11x'd its annual sales volume. The Platz Group is recognized in the industry as going above and beyond for its clients. Strategic business planning, a focused training and mentoring strategy, and excellent team dynamics all serve to achieve the best careers possible. If you're ready to level up, apply today!