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Embark on an exceptional career path in the real estate sector, positioning yourself among the elite top 20% of North American professionals. This role transcends conventional employment, offering a journey marked by supreme excellence. Seize this unparalleled chance to absorb wisdom from industry leaders and to realize growth beyond your wildest dreams.

Joining our team of Real Estate Agents means embarking on a lucrative and fulfilling adventure. Our proven track record of success underscores our dedication to superior performance. We pledge to provide you with the critical frameworks, methodologies, instruments, mentorship, educational opportunities, and steadfast support you need to carve out a triumphant real estate career.

This position requires your unwavering dedication and resolve to excel. Armed with optimism and our exhaustive suite of resources, your career's potential is boundless. As you ascend, you will access a myriad of advantages including profit sharing, health benefits, equity growth opportunities, vesting options, and avenues for investment.

Break free from the mundane. Join our team to capture extraordinary success and explore the limitless possibilities that the world of real estate has to offer!


Get ready to dive into an exciting and rewarding adventure in the world of real estate with the amazing KBT Realty Group - Keller Williams/ Powered by PLACE team! Here's a glimpse of what you'll be doing:

  • Embrace the power of our lead generation systems at KBT Realty Group and execute them with enthusiasm on a weekly basis.
  • Turn your prospecting and lead generation efforts into valuable appointments. Get those potential clients excited and eager to work with you.
  • As a skilled consultant, guide buyers through the home buying process, converting them into signed buyer agreements and helping them find their dream homes. Let's turn their dreams into reality.
  • Work your magic with sellers, consulting with them to secure listings and effectively market their homes. Show off your expertise in pricing strategies, staging, and other listing-related services. It's time to make those homes shine.
  • Negotiate offers like a pro, advocating for the best interests of both your sellers and buyers. Let your skills and charisma seal the deal.
  • Stay organized and on top of your tasks and activities using our cutting-edge technology. We've got the tools to streamline your workflow and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Embrace the power of face-to-face interactions by conducting a minimum of two open houses per month. Engage potential buyers, showcase properties, and leave a lasting impression!
  • Be an active participant in team activities, adhering to our high standards of collaboration and teamwork. Together, we'll achieve greatness!
  • Commit yourself to ongoing growth and development by attending our weekly trainings and engaging in Partner Calls. We believe in continuous learning and support your journey towards excellence.

So, buckle up and get ready to have a blast while achieving professional success. With the KBT Realty Group, you'll thrive in a fun and dynamic environment, taking your real estate career to new heights!


Calling all charismatic, motivated sales professionals with a competitive edge! If you excel at building connections, listening to others' needs, and finding solutions, then we want you on our team. Prospecting and lead generation? You've got it covered! Overcoming objections? It's second nature to you. With your exceptional communication skills and unwavering commitment to service, you're destined for greatness.

But here's what makes you truly special:

  • As a licensed real estate professional, you bring a wealth of industry knowledge and experience.
  • You're a team player through and through. Collaboration and camaraderie are your secret weapons for success.
  • Your communication skills, both written and verbal, are top-notch. You know how to articulate your thoughts and connect with others effectively.
  • You have a thirst for knowledge and a growth mindset. You're always ready to learn and improve, embracing new scripts and dialogues to enhance your skills.
  • Organization is your middle name. You thrive in structured environments and have excellent time management skills that keep you on top of your game.

So, if you're ready to combine your passion for sales with the excitement of the real estate industry, join our fun and professional team. We'll provide you with the support, resources, and opportunities to thrive, while you bring your infectious energy and determination to succeed. Let's make waves in the real estate world together!


$50,000 - $200,000 USD Yearly

This is a commission based position.

About Our Team

Step into the world of real estate with the dynamic and thriving KBT Realty Group - Keller Williams, powered by PLACE. Our team is comprised of visionary individuals who think BIG, take BOLD actions, and live LARGE. We pride ourselves on serving people and assisting clients with their most valuable assets: real estate.

We are on the lookout for a motivated individual who can bring their unique perspective and hard work to our growing team of high achievers. Joining us means becoming a part of a top-producing group that thrives on collaboration and teamwork.

But what truly sets us apart is the exceptional support and resources we provide to our team members. We believe in investing in our most valuable asset: OUR PEOPLE! By joining our team, you gain access to an incredible array of tools, systems, training, and accountability measures that will empower you to reach new heights in your career.

Imagine having access to the best training programs, a steady stream of leads, robust databases, and unparalleled administrative support. We make it our mission to equip real estate agents like you with everything you need to succeed in this competitive industry.

So, if you're ready to take your real estate career to the next level and have some fun while doing it, KBT Realty Group is the place to be. Join us and be a part of an extraordinary team!