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Embark on a transformative career path with us as an Executive Assistant, where you'll join the ranks of North America's most distinguished real estate professionals. Our program is meticulously designed to guide you towards professional mastery, supported by a foundation of strategic methodologies, all-encompassing systems, and powerful tools. Enhanced with in-depth coaching, extensive training, and a solid accountability framework, your dedication and drive are the keys to unlocking your potential. This role not only offers a varied career progression but also grants access to a suite of benefits including revenue sharing, growth sharing, vesting rights, investment opportunities, and the chance to become a valued member of our elite consulting team.


  • Support the Team Operator in all aspects of their work including building the business, working with their personal clients, calendar management, and email/correspondence management.
  • Provide a world class client experience for clients through phone and email on behalf of the team pre-contract, through contract, and beyond.
  • Act as the liaison between your lead and co-brokers, attorneys, escrow companies, and mortgage brokers.
  • Prepare listing presentations and CMA’s homework.

Social Media 

  • Manage special projects and online systems (like displaying PDFs and booklets without having to print them).
  • Create and update design templates for social media and internet marketing.
  • Manage website content and website pages to keep the website fresh and current.
  • Create postcards and other print marketing and mail from the system..
  • Get systems and processes in place to standardize real estate business practices – for example if an agent needs a listing presentation:
    • update content to be current.
    • send a presentation to the printer.
    • organize all steps and information for the agent.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Experience in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, social media, and website administration, Canva and others as needed.
  • Type up and send out email campaigns to leads.
  • Help with setting up Listing Marketing content.

Database Management - Lead Coordination

  • Organize and manage databases.
  • Assign leads to listing alerts and market reports
  • Assign contacts to market reports and/or auto plans.
  • Tag database contacts with smart filters for efficient tracking and reporting
  • Nurture and qualify leads by:
  • Assigning to listing alerts and auto plans
  • Updating lead status to hot, watch, nurture or unqualified
  • Setting tasks and reminders to follow-up with leads and schedule an appointment.
  • Assigning lead to agent once appointment is scheduled.
  • Review lead activity and market report activity daily and follow up as appropriate based on who is active.
  • Set lead routing rules to systemize processes for new leads to automatically be assigned to auto plans.
  • Ensure lead parsing is in place for leads from external sources.
  • Manually add leads from external sources not using lead parsing, route to appropriate agents and add to auto plans.
  • Use the internet to search for Brivity Valuation Site (seller) leads, which are missing contact information, add information to lead (specifically email) and assign lead to appropriate market report and/or auto plan.
  • Add birthdays and home purchase anniversary dates and add to appropriate auto plans for long-term nurturing of clients.
  • Ensure all team receipts are obtained and submitted to the finance team.
  • Manage our leads’s social media accounts.
  • Provide general administrative support including opening and distributing mail, answering phones, maintaining supplies, office equipment, and software.
  • Prepare all marketing mailings.
  • Commit to weekly 1:1 coaching sessions, PLACE training, and Brivity training. 
  • Keep our team informed regarding any problems or issues that arise and help to develop solutions. 
  • Schedule and confirm showings for any appointments (recruit, buyers, sellers or investors)


  • Team player
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Learning based, growth-minded 
  • Organized
  • Knowledge of basic office suite software and calendaring systems 
  • Excellent time management skills 
  • Flexible


$40,000 - $60,000 USD Yearly

About Our Team

At Building Dreams Team, we strive to provide the highest level of service to our clients. We do this through superior technology that maximizes the reach of our efforts, teamwork & supportive collaboration, deliberately-formed positive habits, and a culture of exceptional performance. We show up each day with a smile, and a positive attitude towards breaking previous records. Building Dreams Team’s clients realize success because we invest in our people. When committed individuals have the education, tools, and the support they need to thrive, excellence is achieved. Join us and get ready to be the best version of yourself.