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Jenson Team|7200 South Alton Way ste b240, Centennial, CO 80112

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Greetings from Seth Jenson!

I am excited to invite you to join our dynamic team!

At PLACE, our mission is to elevate real estate professionals into the top 20% of the industry. To achieve this ambitious goal, we are seeking an exceptional individual to fill the role of Showing Partner. My vision is to revolutionize the real estate landscape by building businesses that are not only successful but also scalable. I am eager to learn about your aspirations and what motivates you.

At PLACE, we are committed to nurturing your career growth. We offer a clear pathway to success, supported by advanced models, systems, tools, and abundant opportunities for development through coaching, mentoring, and training. In return, we seek your unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Joining our team is more than just a career move; it comes with significant financial rewards, including revenue sharing, stock options, health benefits, investment opportunities, and potential ownership. We also take pride in recognizing and celebrating the hard work and achievements of our team members.

I look forward to exploring how our paths can align to achieve extraordinary success. Let’s embark on this rewarding journey together as partners!


  • Celebrate graduating from PLACE New Agent Launch
  • Team up with Seth to steer clients to their dream homes
  • Share insightful, written feedback to fine-tune the home-hunting radar
  • Craft and champion offers like a negotiation ninja
  • Dedicate 10 hours a week to lead generation treasure hunts
  • Join the script practice party every week to sharpen those sales skills
  • Dive into team activities and bond over shared goals
  • Engage in weekly coaching, training sessions, and the Friday PLACE Partner Pow-wow
  • Keep track of your journey to success in PLACE CRM like a pro


You thrive in social settings and get a buzz from building and nurturing professional connections. Your drive to help others is matched only by your commitment to personal growth in real estate and honing your leadership prowess.

  • A natural people person
  • Radiates positivity and a can-do spirit
  • Comfortable with hitting the road for significant stretches
  • Skilled in deciphering client needs and desires to find their perfect home match
  • Always eager to learn and expand knowledge
  • Ambitious, with a track record of achieving goals
  • Holds a high school diploma
  • Possesses a valid real estate license


$80,000 - $125,000 USD Yearly

This is a commission based position.

About Our Team

At the Jenson Team, we're all about leveling up the real estate game with a dash of sparkle and a whole lot of smarts. With cutting-edge tech as our sidekick, we stretch our reach further. It's not just about working together; it's about thriving together in a vibe of high-fives and mutual wins. We're crafting habits that are not just good, but gold-star worthy, all within a culture where being exceptional is the norm.

Every morning, we bring our brightest smiles and A-game, ready to smash records like it's going out of style. Why do our clients find success? Because we're all in on investing in our crew. Give us a group of committed folks, arm them with top-notch education, the slickest tools, and a support system that's got their back, and watch them soar to heights of excellence. Ready to join the ranks? Suit up for an adventure where you'll emerge as the best version of YOU.