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Become a part of a dynamic, top-tier team that ranks among the top 20% of real estate professionals in North America. At the Steve Gilbert Team, you will have the exceptional opportunity to work alongside a dedicated network of team members and partners nationwide, enhancing your professional and personal growth.

We are dedicated to your success and offer comprehensive resources, including proven models, advanced systems, state-of-the-art tools, personalized coaching, extensive training programs, and consistent accountability measures. These resources are meticulously designed to help you expand and elevate your real estate business.

Beyond professional development, we provide a variety of attractive benefits. Enjoy the financial perks of revenue sharing, comprehensive health benefits, and the security of company vesting. We also offer exciting investment opportunities and the potential to build and lead your own team within our organization.

By joining us, you will advance your career and become part of a supportive and innovative community committed to excellence in the real estate industry.


  • Successfully complete the PLACE Launch program, applicable to both experienced and new agents, to ensure you are fully prepared for your role.
  • Implement PLACE lead generation systems on a weekly basis to maintain a steady flow of potential clients.
  • Provide expert consultation to buyers and sellers, securing signed buyer agreements and listing agreements to facilitate transactions.
  • Skillfully negotiate offers on behalf of your clients, representing both sellers and buyers to achieve favorable outcomes.
  • Maintain meticulous records of tasks and activities using PLACE Technology to ensure efficient workflow and accountability.
  • Host two open houses each week, continuing this practice until you consistently achieve a sales rate of 2-5 homes per month.
  • Convert your prospecting and lead generation efforts into scheduled appointments to maximize client engagement.
  • Engage in daily script practice sessions in accordance with team standards to refine your communication skills.
  • Actively participate in team activities as outlined by team standards to foster a collaborative work environment.
  • Commit to attending weekly one-on-one coaching sessions, regular training programs, and Partner Calls to enhance your professional development.
  • Exhibit a high level of expertise in pricing strategies, staging, and other services related to listing properties to provide exceptional client service.


  • Motivated sales expert with a competitive spirit
  • Excellent at building relationships with clients and agents
  • Skilled in understanding client needs and finding solutions
  • Experienced in prospecting, generating leads, hosting open houses, and negotiating deals
  • Proficient in handling objections
  • Strong dedication to communication with clients and team members
  • Effective team collaborator
  • Licensed real estate professional
  • At least 3 years of experience in real estate sales
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
  • Eager to learn and focused on growth
  • Highly organized
  • Open to learning and using scripts and dialogues
  • Exceptional time management skills


$45,000 - $150,000 USD Yearly

This is a commission based position.

About Our Team

About the Steve Gilbert Team

At the Steve Gilbert Team, we celebrate the diversity of individual personalities, believing it fuels our success. Our mission is to make homeownership dreams come true while fostering an environment where our agents thrive.

We are committed to guiding our agents toward their goals, providing the necessary tools, support, and opportunities. Our team is more than colleagues; we are a close-knit family that works hard and enjoys celebrating each other's achievements.

Join us and be part of a dynamic, fun-loving team dedicated to shared success and fulfillment.